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Products for visual and acoustic interior design - an ideal combination of Design and Function Create products with your individual motif!




Your individual photo/motif on the frameless design. Create your personal aluminum- or wooden frame as a mural. In formats and image selection your creativity knows no limits - you reflect your personal lifestyle in your environment.

Select an illuminated version to make your image to the highlight of your room: light effects as light boxes , light walls and light ceilings are a special eye-catcher. In addition, indirect lighting creates a pleasant ambience - turn your rooms in a soft light atmosphere. Your subject is backlit evenly in your desired format in the aluminum frame, furthermore the LED technology is energy saving.

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In the Primex online shop you can find customized products that combine function and design .

Create an aluminum frame with your individual motif in the desired format. The aluminum frames are simple and elegant and offer a perspective from the front frameless look. Your subject is the focal point and is still framed.

In addition to aluminum frame, you can choose a rustic atmosphere - insert your motif also for different kind of wooden frames. Again, you can create the frame in the calculator with your individual motif and determine your desired format.

For acoustic optimization: Acoustic images, partitions and ceiling panels, printed with your desired picture, enhance the surround sound and create a pleasant ambience from an acoustic point. They reduce the reverberation, thus reducing the noise and making your everyday surroundings to an optimal enviroment. For the everyday work of the field of industrial acoustics it provides optimal solutions for sound absorption - create a stress-free, optimal environment . Choose from the shop the standard formats or send us an inquiry for your individual desired format.

The sound-picture combines sound and design - a speaker is integrated into the frame and disappears behind your individual motive. Play your favorite music easily from your smartphone , tablet or mobile phone over the sound-picture and impress your visitors with the invisible speaker.

Create special highlights with light boxes in individual formats. Provided with individual textile printings, the light boxes for versatile advertising space, whether on walls, ceilings or freestanding / hanging freely is still the eye-catcher. Also for the architecture-area, the light boxes are ideal for use as light walls or ceiling light. Create by a pleasant lighting special room atmosphere.

Strass wallpapers are a particularly noble eyecatcher. Choose from different patterns and colors your personal favorite combination - you give your room a special touch.

Primex also provide raw materials for resellers - whether technical textiles for various applications, acoustic materials for sound absorption or textile print media.